Below are some of my currently available sculptures. Other designs are continuously being created and can also be tailored to individual colour schemes and tastes to fit in with your decor. These are all unique and individually sculptured.


Dimensionally Annabelle stands 15 cm high and is 30 cm long.

Cowboy, Hugh

Dimensionally Hugh stands 12 cm high and is 44 cm long.

Cowgirl, Dita


Dimensionally Dita stands 14 cm high and is 45 cm long.

Fuchia, lying


Fuchia in a lying down pose. Dimensionally she stands 7cm high and is 43cm wide.

Sunbather, junior

Sunbather sculpture with a musical theme. Dimensionally she stands 7cm high and is 33wcm wide.


Fuchia is a bronze resin sculpture. Dimensionally she stands 25cm high and is 24cm wide.


Matthew is a bronze resin sculpture. Here he is demonstrating a selection of hats. He stands 21cm high and is 39cm wide.
£1,450 with hat


Ursula is a larger beautiful sculpture, dimensionally she stands 33 cm high and is 29 cm wide.

Carefree with hat

Carefree is a medium sized piece, dimensionally she stands 29 cm high and is 18 cm wide.


The sunbather is a larger sculpture and stands 20 cm high and is 69 cm long.

Dark Dita

Dimensionally Dita stands 39 cm high and is 15 cm long.

Petra, lying

Petra enhanced with stitching stands 8 cm high and is 43 cm long.

Verity, Lepard

Verity stands 14 cm high and is 53 cm long.

New sculptures

New sculptures and designs are being created all the time. Please ask for availability.